Thank You for Your Support!

The HeartReach Center Fundraising Banquet 2018 was a great success thanks to you and the tremendous financial and prayer support.  We were blessed by those of you who were able to fellowship with us and hear a motivating talk by Ryan Dobson.   We have also been blessed by many of you that were unable to attend but have been faithful in your support of HeartReach Center through prayers and donations.

As of this posting, we raised over $140,600 in support of HeartReach Center and all it provides to the community.  You are HeartReach.  Your faithful support and encouragement make this all possible.  Be blessed!


Banquet 2019

Please mark October 17, on your calendar for the 2019 Fundraising Banquet.  Our guest speaker for next year’s banquet is the brother and sister duo Derrick & Julie Tennant,  “The Love Chromosome”.   Please check out their website:  You will be encouraged!