We have many opportunities for involvement!   HRC actively seeks servant heart volunteers to serve in various capacities such as receptionist, counselor, teacher, board member, maintenance, event volunteers, church representatives, and many more.  Contact us at 907-373-3456 or request an application online.

Volunteer Training

Volunteers are a tremendous asset to the HRC organization. HRC welcomes individuals who wish to lend their energies, enthusiasm, and expertise to promote our life-affirming message. For more information about our organization, see About Us page.

There are 2 types of volunteers at HRC…

Type 1 Volunteer Application

Volunteers who meet with clients and provide pregnancy options counseling, facilitate parenting classes, childbirth education, and post-abortion counseling. (Required to complete the HRC Volunteer Training)

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Type 2 Volunteer Application

Behind-the-scenes volunteers. (Not required to complete HRC training, though encouraged to do so.)

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For more information contact kim@heartreachalaska.com or call (907) 373-3456.